Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Getting certified

A new FSA user recently asked "At the moment we have no change situation, how can I use my ten Assessments to get certified?"

I replied, "You are the Director and have more than 10 people under you", why not use them as the basis for a workshop on how the group handles change?"

Let's look at one way to go about it. Pick a possible change, in this case it might be new software for the clients. That means that all personnel must learn to use this package of new programs before the clients use them. Tell your staff about this change and have them write on a little scrap of paper just what their first thought or feeling was. You may have them get paper and pencil ready first.

Then, to relieve the anxiety you might tell them that this was just an exercise to get their reactions, but there will be new changes coming in the future and that you would like it if the staff were prepared. Then instruct them to take the test sometime in the next week (give them their code numbers),print out the results and bring them back to the group meeting. Tell them when and where the group will be meeting. You might share that you will provide a basket of fruit or a healthy snack along with coffee and tea.

The first meeting should only take 20 minutes or less.

Don't wait longer than a week before the next meeting and make sure to mention to thank those who took the Assessment in good time. If some one waits until the last day you might want to remind them privately. They should take their profile from the test and compare it to their reaction written on a scrap of paper and see if the two jibe. That would be a good topic to begin with. Let everyone who wants to speak do so. Now go into the Manual and look at the suggestions for getting started. End with them each making a profile that they feel is the style of the group. Show them their guess against the computer generated copy (you will get from and talk about the similarity's and differences.

Since all the styles make up your system, let them discuss how their profile could contribute to possible future changes(you may have them brainstorm a list of possible changes first).

Results: This exercise opens their consciousness to the idea that change does occur in the workplace and focuses them on a personal strategy for handling it as well as developing a strategy for the whole group. When a change does come, you can take out the group profile and help them develop a strategy to handle it.