Monday, November 3, 2008

Request to Read about FSA

I have been asked recently if there is something written on Foresight Styles Assessment. There is a lot of information on the website and monthly entries at Foresight Files and Consulting Change. A manual is available on the website which is tailored to those who wish to become certified. A theoretical paper is currently being written, and a statistical paper will follow. Here is an excerpt from the opening of the theoritical paper:

The Foresight Styles Theory defines and measures a range of thinking that distinctly influences responses to change and the future. In this particular juncture in time, change is increasing in speed and intensity. The human organism struggles to respond to this change. Within the broad range of both capacities and needs there are four, values related orientations: temporal (time orientation), structural (stronger or lesser need), doing/being (acting/observing), systemic/linear which assist us in our response to change. Each individual contributes their own unique combination of each orientation to every external change they meet during their lifespan. Foresight Styles Assessment is a tool designed for the purpose of drawing focus to just those qualities in each individual and group which are used to survive in this ever changing world.